Are you the right person for Independent Contracting? (11 characteristics needed to become good contractor)

If you want to become Independent Contractor, but still not sure if that is the right thing for you and if you are the right person for IC, here are some guides that could help you decide.

It is implied that you have specialized skills for niche you want to work in and you are willing to do some hard work, but what about your personality – do you have what it takes to become successful contractor?

You have to be a person with a certain mindset to be self-employed. Here are some of those characteristics.


If you want to work as independent contractor you will have to be able to objectively evaluate yourself. You will have to understand your skills, values, interests and personality. It will help you chose your jobs wisely and develop the right skills.


You must believe in yourself and in your abilities to succeed at a project. Successful contractors are excited and enthusiastic when facing a challenge.  “I can” is attitude you need to become successful contractor.


You must be able to set goals and define the objectives of your professional life and be motivated to achieve these goals.

It is much easier to procrastinate when you work from home, and motivation helps you to finish projects well and on time.


 Your independent career heavily depends on your relationships with your clients. As you will change jobs frequently recommendation from previous clients is very important.

You will often be seen as outsider, so your ability to make friends and win their support and trust is essential for growing your business.


Your clients must know that they can rely on you. Your integrity is your significant quality.

Speak truth and establish yourself as a dependable resource.

Networking Skills

 As an IC you will have to market your service constantly. If you have networking skills you can use it to develop different marketing strategies to drive business.

Contract work is not just about skills and knowledge, it is about relationships too.


If you work as an IC, you must be flexible with time and money. Your clients can make last minute changes and you will have to work excessive hours to finish before deadline. You will have to balance between different projects.

Your income will fluctuate as you transition from one contract to another, or if client is late with payment.

Positive Attitude

Positive thinking and optimism can make your clients call you back for second job or give you better referrals.

In general, negative people are difficult to work with, so treat your clients and yourself with respect, be pleasant and make contracting enjoyable for both you and your clients.

Organizational skills

As an independent contractor you will have to perform many duties by yourself – finding jobs, marketing, contact clients, supplying materials, do actual job. You have to be well organized to make everything flow


When working as independent contractor you don’t have steady work. You may have to wait for weeks or months for next project.

Patience is really important for achieving your goals.

It is also important when dealing with clients – some of them will be difficult, but you’ll have to accommodate.


 Enthusiasm and confidence are essential, but if not accompanied with sense of what is realistic you will find yourself disappointed and disappointing the client.

Don’t be afraid to tell client when something is not possible. Always offer realistic timeline for completion of work.