Branding and naming for Contractors

Independent contractor and no brand name?

You could be missing out on lucrative contracts. The difference between the phone call or not – or the email that may never arrive.

Decide what you want your brand to look like, what is the message you want to share and what are the values your brand will represent it is time to create it?

First step in creating a brand is naming it. This is one of the most challenging phases in the process. Keep in mind that naming a brand is something you can do only once.

Every other aspect of your brand strategy can be changed over the time. You can change your logo, tagline or brand colour scheme. You can even change your top skills, message, plan and goal.

But from the day you announce your brand name, it gets all locked in with your business and it becomes your identity and something that will last over time.

So think hard before you start and choose a name that will represent you and your company

Your name is an extension of you as a person, and it can highlight the value you provide or could distance you from it. You need a name that’s appropriate, available, appealing and most importantly, enduring over time.

How to Choose a Great Brand Name?

It’s important to determine what your name will represent and needs to be accomplished.

You have only one chance to make a first impression. Many of your potential customers will know nothing about your company or service, and a great name can make a great first impression and make them want to find out more about you. A poor name can take them off.

Basics of forming a memorable brand name are: keep it simple, short, unique, flexible and easy to pronounce.

You have several options when deciding what kind of name you want for your brand.

  • It can be founder’s name
  • Description of what you do
  • Description of an experience
  • Word out of context
  • Invented word

The most important things to consider when choosing a name are pronunciation, spelling and length.

The right name should ideally help distinguish your products and services from all others, and it should help establish your brand personality, brand character, market position, and the nature of your offering.

Best brand names have these advantages:

  • It reflects the brand character you want to promote.
  • It expresses or supports your desired brand image.
  • It describes your product offering.
  • It is consistent with your brand promise.
  • It forges an association to the meaning of your brand.
  • It is easy and pleasant to pronounce.
  • It enables your business to grow.
  • It is unique and memorable.

How to find an original idea?

  1. Use the power of symbolism and sounds

The “sound symbolism”, field of linguistics says that certain sounds have certain meanings, and that these sounds trigger imagery that is consistent and meaningful. Certain sounds inspire positive emotions and result in experiences that are likely to be liked, remembered, and shared.

Every name corresponds to some thought or emotion. It is important to understand exactly what your name says about your company

Use the power of words and sounds and select a business name that creates the images and connotations you are looking for. Customers automatically make certain connections based on the symbolism of sounds.

  1. Use memorization techniques to find concepts that stick

You want your name to represent your brand in a way that comes easy to the audience you’re targeting. This will make you findable, sharable and most importantly, memorable.

The best company names are emotion-driven and memorable as a result. Do not focus only on what you want your company to be, think about the emotions that you want your target customer to feel.

Think about the concepts related to your business – explore words, emotions and experiences.

You should find a concept that resonates with as many people as possible, rather than a select few customers. Create a visual image that your target audiences can easily recall.

  1. Become a word innovator

If you can’t find a word that perfectly captures the essence of your brand, invent your own.

Words are ever-changing and follow evolutionary cycles. There are new words, slang or formal, entering the market, all the time. Just remember Google…

If you need a word, invent it.

When you found a perfect name you’ll have to test it.

These are few tests your name should pass:

  • It should be memorable
  • It has to sound good over the phone
  • It can’t be constantly mispronounced or misspelled.
  • It can’t be confusing.
  • It has to express your desired brand personality.
  • It should work with an URL

Brand domain name

The brand domain name is another element that requires additional time and brainstorming.

Most of good domain names are already taken, and if you can’t use your desired name in a domain, you could find yourself searching for new one all over again. It doesn’t have to be the exact name in the domain, but something corresponding is necessary.

Besides that make sure you don’t pick a brand name that already exist. This can be confusing to your potential client, but it can also lead to legal issues.

So, before starting anything with new name, make sure you can use it.

Then, protect your brand name, and prevent future competitors from using it.

Why is good name important?

Great name can position you as a true leader and innovator, and differentiate you and your company, from the rest of the market.

A neutral name will make you look and sound like everybody else, and there is nothing making you stands out from competition.

A poor name harm your business in way that you may have trouble generating interest in your company and service and it can limit your opportunities if you expand into other markets.