BRANDING part II – for contractors

When you have vision, plan, goal and finally an identity to your brand it is time to go out and show yourself to the world. Here are few things to do to help market yourself.




Taglines should be memorable messages in a single short sentence. If your personal brand is not already descriptive of what you do, then your tagline should be.

Taglines can be inspirational, like a product philosophy, or they can be something fun and memorable.

Taglines sit on top of your CV and concisely communicate the core essence, position, or value you offer and are also referred to as your objective.




You should then list your skills. These are keywords, short sentences and statements.

They are headlines and attention grabbers. They shout that you are the person in your niche.

It should be powerful and relevant that companies and recruiters should not need to read much further to determine that you are the right person for the job.

Skills sit under your Tagline and should be a short list, with 3 to 5 bullet points pulled out into short sentences underneath.




A part of a brand’s identity is often its logo. You can decide if you want one as a contractor.

It can look very professional on a website or business card and it can help you become more memorable.

You should hire a professional to create your logo, because you will use it both online and offline and you don’t want your brand to make an impression of amateur.


Further steps…

Now, when created your brand it is time to put it to use. You want others to view it and hear about it.

This is the point where you market your brand anywhere and everywhere possible. This is where branding and marketing work together. You tell anyone who will listen, and you treat every waking moment as if it were a promotional opportunity and you must continually keep up this effort in order to have success.

This is not time to be shy; this is time to make your name sticks in the minds of potential customers.

Even if they don’t need your services right away, you want them to recall your brand first when they do.

Just make sure that while building your brand all of the content is concise, convincing and consistent with how you decide to represent yourself.


How to promote your brand?


Business Card:

Once you are familiar with your brand, it’s time to create it on paper and online.  Some traditional ways of doing so include business cards, resumes, cover letters, references documents and professional portfolios.

Even nowadays, good old printing advertising has its place in marketing. It is always available, and always at a hand of potential client.

You’ve created a brand, and you place it on a quality business card, you’ve instantly created something people will remember.

They can pull it out and refer to it anytime they want, and because it’s so easy to carry around in a wallet or pocket, they are more likely to refer to it when they need what you’re selling.


Website and blog

Website is a must for marketing yourself – here you can showcase your skills, values, testimonials and everything else that defines you as a contractor. It is also a great way to develop your brand. Here you can use your logo and tagline, present your brand values, let people know you and create stronger bond with potential clients.

Writing a blog is another good way to develop your brand and the relationship you have with your target audience. Those with blogs usually rank higher in search engines and direct more searches to their interests and expertise in the long run.

Blog helps you demonstrate your skills and knowledge by providing unique content that those seeking your services may find useful.

Be sure to write regularly, and to spread your brand message and values.


LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a great place for personal advertising, and marketing your brand. Here you can meet new people, search for jobs and maintaining your network.  Put your logo and tagline on your profile. With your resume, cover letter and references documents it will be  helpful in connecting with an ever changing network of people and making your brand recognizable.


Twitter and Facebook profile

The world of social media is a great place to network and interact with new people and amazing asset for creating a brand. It also allows you to spread your message further than ever.

Both Twitter and Facebook can be a very useful personal branding tool.

You can join groups that reflect your skills and interests and you can reach out to others in these areas and expand your network further. Through these platforms, you can also offer your opinion and advice on certain topics relating to your profession. You can hold a question and answer session online where you can engage with prospective clients.



The power of video is undeniable. Use it to make your brand stand out. Make a short video talking about the value or benefits you offer that set you apart from your competition.  Highlight your skill sets, past experiences, offer innovative techniques and a unique specialization or industry-leading expertise.

You can also make regular videos with tips, advice and new information regarding your field of expertise.

Upload it to YouTube you can send the link to potential clients, share it on your blog and social media accounts.


Email address

Email can also be a part of branding. Use your own on all social media accounts, but also use others emails as an opportunity to market your brand. Offer your clients a subscription via blog, or social media accounts and send them mails regularly – inform them when new blog post is published, share important information. Be sure not to spam them.

This may sound like quite a lot of work but your efforts will benefit. When you start searching for jobs, your personal brand will position you better and set you aside competition.

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