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FAQ’s – Recruiters

FAQ help section for Recruiters.
We add commonly asked questions by recruiters to this resource section. Please check this section before contacting us.

General: What is contract job search?

Contract Job Search is a job board dedicated solely to advertising contract jobs. We offer recruiters one of the UK’s most effective channels of marketing contract jobs to directly to contractors.

General: Why should I select Contractjobsearch.com?

If you are looking to reach contractors and advertise your contract jobs; then a contract specific job board is your answer. Our content and marketing is targeted directly to contractors which is directly beneficial to advertising contract jobs and opportunities to contractors – something a general job board cannot achieve.

General: What is the difference between permanent, interim and contract jobs?

A permanent position is exactly that a permanent job with a company. Whereas interim and contract jobs are temporary in nature; providing both the contractor and the hiring company the flexibility both parties desire,
Hiring contract or interim is often the best way to hire highly skilled and experienced people for special projects, or cover for extended absence or busy period, where their niche skills and expertise is required.
Interim hires are similar to contractors, and both often receive similar terms of engagement. Interim is the name often given to non-permanent hires brought in to manage a team or project (e.g. Director, VP, Head etc.)
Contractors are often specialists within particular fields across sectors (from project management, to software and IT, to doctors, nursing and medical).
Interim and contract hires do not receive (in most cases) the same benefits as permanent employees such as holiday, pension etc. and are most often contracted by an hourly or day rate, most often paid either weekly, or monthly.
More here: Permanent, interim and contract jobs

General: What geographic areas is the Contract Job Search site aimed at?

Contract Job Search is aimed directly at the UK contract jobs market.
Our marketing is focused on delivering the number one Contract Job Search site in the UK.
The site does often carry contract job adverts aimed at attracting the UK contract community to contract jobs outside of the UK, such is the need for UK skilled contractors.

General: How do I log in as a recruiter?

Visit the contractjobsearch.com and:
(1) click on Recruiters positioned in top right menu, and then
(2) in the top right menu click ‘Log In’ – this will log you into your Recruiters account.

Advertise: I’m a first-time advertiser; how do I get started?

You can immediately reach contractors and place your advertisement within minutes. You can place single job advertisement without an account, and enhance it should you want to. To get started find ‘Recruiting’ to the right in the main menu at the top if the page, or click on the link here: Advertise a contract job

Advertise: Do I need an account to advertise?

You do not need an account to place a single job advertisement; for multiple advertisements and recruiter discounts to apply and account must be created and approved.

Advertise: Are there ways to save money?

Yes! There are many options for advertisers to save money with Contract Job Search. First time advertisers can save a significant amount by taking advantage of the first-time advertiser offer.
For advertisers with multiple contract job roles (either at once and/or repeat advertisers), advertiser packages are available providing discount from the standard single advert price.

Advertise: If I have more than one advertisement are there packages that will save me money?

Yes, there are many packages available for multiple and repeat advertisers with Contract Job Search.
Please click here to view the Recruiter advertisement discount options.
Simply select the number of job advertisements and the package level and your discount will be applied to your profile.
Note: if you log in under a different account, then the system will not be able to recognise purchase of any advertising packages, and an assigned discount will not be applied.
You will need to log in with the account you purchased the package with.

Advertise: Do you have an offer for new customers?

Yes! We have a great offer from new customers.
Click here to place your first advertisement with Contract Job Search at discount.
The offer provides significant discount from the standard single contract job advertisement.
The offer is open for first time advertisers and is not to be abused by using multiple email addresses from the same company.

Advertise: Why advertise with Contract Job Search?

Contract Job Search is focused on the UK contract job search market.
This makes us the most natural selection for recruitment agencies and companies to advertise their contract jobs and attract contractors.
Or marketing spend is significant and is focused on providing advertisers and contractors the number one contract job site in the UK.

Advertise: How do I create an advert?

Navigate to the ‘Recruiters’ section of the site and select ‘Post a Job’.
For a shortcut click here: Post a Job
Select one of the advertising options on the ‘Recruiters’ page.
If you have purchased a discount package or have more than one contract job to advertise and would like to receive a discount, you will need to log-in in the ‘Recruiters’ section for the discount package to be applied.

Advertise: Do I need to create an account to advertise?

You can post a single contract job advertisement in minutes without an account.
For multiple advertisement discount you will need to log in or create an account and purchase a discount package.

Advertise: What if I want to make an edit to my advertisement?

To make an edit to your advertisement you will need to log-in to your recruiter account and make the changes to the description of the advert.
It is forbidden to amend the complete details of the advertisement i.e. filled one position and use the advertisement for a different position.

Advertise: How long is my contract job advertisement live for?

Your advertisement will be live for 28 days.
If you hire within the 28 days, you can log-in to your account and close the contract job advert. You cannot re-use the same advert.
If you decide to extend the duration of the advert, or upgrade to Premium you can do this in by logging in to your ‘recruiter’ account and purchasing an extension or premium package.

Advertise: How long does my advertisement last?

Advertisements last for 6 weeks from the date the advertisement is placed; accept for platinum package advertisements which last for up to 8 weeks.

Advertise: How long do my credits last for?

Discount package credits last until used.
The more you buy, the more you save!
Discount advertiser packages can be found here: Contract Job packs

Advertise: When a candidate applies what happens to the application?

The application will be sent directly to the Application email / URL entered in the ‘Post a Job’ page form.
To amend this, log in to your account and amend your contract job advert.

Advertise: Do I receive contractor applications directly to my inbox?

Applications are emailed directly to the email address / URL entered in the ‘Post a Job’ page form.

Marketing: My contract role is urgent; can I purchase priority advertisements?

Yes. Select the Premium job advert package.
If you have already placed an advertisement, you can upgrade your advertisement either by logging into your account or following the link in the confirmation email you received when you placed your contract job advert.

Marketing: How can I attract more candidate applications for my contract job advertisements?

We encourage recruiters to write a great advertisement. Contracts need to read your advertisement and feel compelled that this is the assignment for them.
Contractors are additionally often attracted by a good rate of pay, and contracts that are outside of IR35.
Advertise your rate of pay for contract roles, it makes a huge difference in click through and application rates. Contractors expect to see it.
Secondly, we encourage you to consider a premium advertisement to attract a higher number of contractors to view and apply for your advertised contract role.

Marketing: How does Contract Job Search market the job board?

We spend a significant amount of our time and resources to market the Contract Job Search site.
We market Contract Job Search both online and offline to achieve maximum market penetration and engagement, which in-turn enhances the audience for Recruiters to market their contract job roles to.
We are engaged with prominent global marketing consultants applying their leading marketing principles to market the job board; with the aim of engaging contractors to awareness of, and to visit Contract Job Search – not only to those actively searching contract jobs.
Once at the site we encourage sign-up of contractors; including creation of profiles and job alerts; enhancing our captive audience.

Privacy: Do you store my information?

We only store the information you submit to the site, for the purpose of advertising your contract jobs and marketing including offering you discounts and offers.
This information is stored is encrypted and includes implementation of server PCI compliance for the processing of payments.
Contract Job Search is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. You can unsubscribe from communications or request removal of data at any time.
No personal data is shared or made available public without your explicit, informed consent.
We take this topic seriously.

Privacy: How do you manage site security?

The site is hosted under a verified https secured connection.
We have SSL Secure Certificate in place for the site providing by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) turns a website’s address from HTTP to HTTPS, the ‘S’ standing for ‘secure’. On many browsers you will see a padlock next to the website address.
We take site security very seriously and conduct regular quarterly reviews to ensure continued protection of the site; along with running surveillance software to monitor site security.

Payment: How do I get a VAT receipt for payments?

You will receive a VAT receipt with payment for your selected advertisement package from our automated payment software.
Any issues please email us using the contact form here: and include your name, contact info and transaction reference number.

Payment: How do I make payments online?

Select your preferred advertisement package from the ‘Recruiter’ section of the web site and click ‘Advertise now’.
You will then be directed to the ‘Post a Job’ page and on completion of the contract job advertisement (preview and post options), you will be presented with a payment page.
Enter your payment details, and the contract job advertisement will be posted live (there may be a short server delay before the advert is live).
You will automatically receive a VAT receipt for payment for your company accounts.