How to write good contractor CV

Writing a CV for long-term job differs from writing a CV for contract job.

You need to point your skills, experience, and education in both cases, but here are some differences:

When it is about employment resumes, the important things to incorporate in our CV are not just your skill set and experience. It is about the team work and how will your personality fit in.

It is important to add companies for which you’ve worked, how long you worked for them, your achievements within them.

A basic CV usually includes an introduction about yourself, besides education and previous experience, and your references.

When it comes to contractor CV you should keep in mind that employee has a problem that needs to be solved. He doesn’t have a person to solve it so he is searching for someone who can.

Your CV is your opportunity to show them that you can solve their problem.

Where to start?

Your resume should be a combination of a traditional style that outlines your experience, as well as a sales piece that markets your particular skills and abilities.

Your best skills should be featured at the top of your CV; make it effective but concise summary. Be clear, concise and get to the point.

First thing to remember is that you are applying for specific job. The best resume will be the one that is customized to a role that you are applying for.


The structure of your CV is important because you want to be sure that recruiters or possible clients read the most important information. They will make up their mind in first few seconds, so try to catch their attention.

You should start with your career overview. Add specialist skill sets and areas of expertise. Highlight previous projects similar to the one you are applying for.

Follow with your qualifications and education.

Include your availability – tell them if you can start immediately or add date when you will finish project you are working on.

You can add certifications and awards relating to your field.


You can customise your CV for different contracts, emphasizing relevant skills and experiences, similar project that you’ve successfully finished.

However keep in mind that for a contractor CV the more important thing is what you can offer to client, not your previous projects.

Your experience is important but they will be looking for specific skill set that you can contribute to specific project.

You can look at your CV as a piece of advertising material for specific target market.

Regarding on what your specific target is, you should focus on your message your audience.

Besides making your CV’s for specific jobs you are applying, you should have your “marketing CV” – the one you’ll put on your site, LinkedIn profile and everywhere on your network. That one should be an advertising piece that promotes you for a wider audience.

It can be longer and it should be your presentation about yourself – who you are and what you do. Highlight key projects and accomplishments. Use a client list format and include companies and individuals who have used services.

For the end…

Even if you are tempted to advertise yourself as a great person, there is no space for your hobbies, interests, awards not relevant to your industry…

You are not going to become a part of a team, and your personality is of no relevance for client. You are professional who will solve their problem, and who will do that great.