Job boards and how to use them?

Job boards are often the first choice for a contract job search. They are convenient, there are lot of job possibilities, you can choose between large boards or smaller specialized ones.

With so many boards online it seems that you don’t need much effort – just submit your CV everywhere, type some keywords in all boards and apply to all jobs that come out? Is it that easy?

There are too many people just like you, doing the exact same thing.

There is too much competition on contract job search boards and employers and recruiters receives lot of applications and CVs.

So you will need to put some more effort in using the job boards to your advantage.

Optimize your CV

You will have to submit your CV and also do write an email which is short enough to be fully read, but sells you and your CV. Use this as first opportunity to make them notice you.

Your CV should include the most relevant information. In most situations the recruiters or companies will not have time to read everything. So it could be a good idea to write short to the point resume on top of your CV. Make it in just few sentences and include if you can some summary bullets, but be clear in what areas you would like to work, what your skills are and what contract role interests you.

Optimize your CV for keyword search. In the same way you will use keywords to find job, recruiters will use them to find the candidates in the database.

If your CV is not optimised there are small chances it will pop up in a search.

Update your CV regularly. Recruiters often search for new CVs and if you update often your CV will show up among those.

Be active

It is not enough just to upload your CV and wait for contract jobs to find you. You will have to search for job proactively.

You will probably have to spend some time before you find perfect job, but this is great opportunity to see what jobs are offering, to learn to read between the lines, to learn how to narrow down the search to omit jobs you are not interested in…

Find several boards you want to start with. This should include few big boards and some boards specialized in your niche.

Large job boards can look scary with too many jobs but with these few tips you will narrow down your search quickly.

First, limit your search geographically, unless you are looking for a contract job you can work online.

When you start searching do not type just job titles. Try skills, experience and other keywords. You have more chances to find an interesting contract job.

Do not read only titles, read job descriptions, what are they really looking for?, what solutions do they require? Find information about company, and possibilities to develop professionally.

How to apply for job?

With so many contract jobs on boards you might get tempted to apply to them all. However this is not good idea. You will spend lot of time and energy on contract jobs that are not perfect fit for you. Apply only for contract jobs that match your experience, qualifications and interests. Spend some time to send targeted application. This will help you stand out.

Do not just send generic application to all contract jobs, read carefully and answer all questions.

Use contract job boards as a research tool. Follow boards to see which companies are hiring, what industries have more job opportunities and how your industry stands on boards.

You can use this analysis to optimize your search, develop a strategy or contact companies outside the job boards. Even adapt your niche to follow growing trends in contract job vacancies.

Downsides of job boards

Do not search only on job boards even if they are great source of vacancies and information. Use the other ways for job searching, this will increase your chances.

Some of contract job boards are not updated regularly so you will waste your time for jobs that are not available.

Sometimes there are even fake job adverts that some agencies posts so they can collect CVs for their databases.

Use job boards wisely and they could be great tool for helping you find the right contract job for you.