Searching for contract jobs

When you work as an independent contractor, you may have to search for new contract jobs very often.

The way that contract jobs are advertised nowadays has been changed a lot. There is no more circling job adverts in newspaper – everything is online.

Recruiters, agencies and companies now advertise online – usually on their websites, and they are using job boards to post vacancies and to search for right candidate in their databases.

But where on the internet can you search for a contract job?

Job Search Engines

Search engines collect lists of contract jobs from various sites – job sites, recruitment agencies, and companies’ websites and make databases which allow you to search all of them in one database. This saves you time as you don’t have to visit each website. Downside is that sometimes they could be inaccurate.

Job Boards

Job boards that specialise in contract job vacancy advertising. Most of recruiters and companies advertise their contract jobs on job boards. There are the big major boards with both contract and permanent vacancies in all industries and there are smaller specialised boards for contract jobs and specific industries.

Contractors have to use internet job boards to send CV’s for database and to search for contract job vacancies.

Specialist contract job boards are the best way you can narrow down your search and save your valuable time in searching Contract Job opportunities.

Portals and online magazines

These are online editions of newspapers and magazines and even if they have fewer vacancies than job board, they can still be useful. These rarely include contract jobs, if they do they are often accurate and of a high quality.

Recruitment Agency Sites

Every recruitment agency has their own website where they display vacancies for their clients. Besides searching on their sites you should contact agencies regularly, because they often have contract jobs that are not advertised.

Employer Career Sections

Most of companies have a career section on their websites. This usually includes list of vacancies. Some of them offer possibility to post your CV and have database of potential clients.

How to Search for a contract job?

When searching for a contract job you will usually type in the keywords.

The keyword can be word or phrase that describes the best the kind of contract job you are looking for, your niche, experience, company name, location, job title… By using more keywords you maximise the chances to find the right contract job for you and your skills. You can start with more broad terms and then use advanced options for more specific search.

When you visit job boards, agency or company site you will have the option to register. Often you will have opportunity to set your preferences and to get notifications and job alerts when new matching job shows up. You will have option to get emails regularly with new available contract jobs. That way you don’t have to do everything from the beginning every time you go on board and you will save some time.

Your details will also be saved in database for potential employer to find you.

And of course you can use your favourite contract job board site – contractjobsearch!