Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Independent Contractors

After making marketing plan, you should build strategies, and start executing the plan. Here are top 10 marketing strategies you should consider.

1. Build Your Personal Brand

Creating and building strong personal brand is very important. You’ll have to be clear on what you do, what sets you apart from competition and make different and unique message.

Think about your target audience – what they need, how to draw their attention, engage them and keep them coming back.

Take your time to build your brand, be authentic and different. Go professional, send regular newsletters – do everything you can think of to get your brand noticed.

2. Make a Professional Website

Potential clients will search online for consultants and they will look for more information about you. So it is a good idea to have a professional website or online presence.

It will give additional information to your potential clients and it will help you to brand yourself. Use your logo, and all relevant information on your website. Share everything with the world through website. Your site will show up in search results, so you can consider hiring professional help for building it. Or you can try and build one yourself using website platforms.

3. Write a Blog

Blogging is easy and fun way to engage with your target audience and clients.

On blog you can show your expertise, give your readers industry advice and updates. Write about what you know and what is relevant in your industry to show readers why they should choose you for their next project.

Running a blog through your professional website can help drive traffic and new clients your way.

4. Use “Content Marketing”

Content marketing means creation and sharing of content published on the Internet to promote your services. Creating good content is one of the easiest and most effective ways to market your business. Look for other publications, websites, or blogs that share your target audience and find relevant topics that you can write about. Be guest blogger, be “word from professional”, share advises, answer questions.

That will help you drive traffic on your website and blog and help establish yourself as expert in the field.

5. Use Social Networks

An easy and accessible way to connect with clients is through social media. Social media can be an essential tool as you explore opportunities. Branding yourself as an expert in your field and sharing information that positions you as knowledgeable in your target contract field will help you grow your network

Create your professional accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook, share links to blog posts, or website, share relevant news and updates. Make sure that you are fully optimizing your profile. From your branding headline at the top to the selection of which words to use for the skills and expertise section, ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete, value-filled, and focuses on the goal of your contract work.

You can share some personal interests but find balance between personal and professional.

6. Ask for Referrals

When you have good referrals it gives credibility to your skills. Recommendations have always been really important in marketing – there is nothing better that word from satisfied client.

Maintain relationships with repeat clients—these are the people who bring stability to your business and attract future customers. Taking time to say thank you and letting them know how much you appreciate their business will go far.

7. Use Email marketing

Email marketing is useful with maintaining past customers and advancing relationships with your current and prospective clients.

Create a form on your website where visitors can subscribe to your newsletter and receive emails from you. Use email services to easily write, track, and send emails to a list of contacts.

Write regular – weekly or monthly newsletter and give your subscribers good content – recent news, insider tips, information about your services.

8. Marketing to past customers

In many cases, contractors get 70% or more of their business from past clients or existing relationships. A better strategy is to have a plan in place to stay in contact with every past client.

Contact to your past clients 2-3 times a year, with some newsletters, tips, advises ideas or good information. Include a list of your services – just don’t lead with that.

Do not spam your clients and do not be annoying. Just remind them of yourself, ask for referral, and let them know what additional services you provide.

9. Get a Ultimate Contractor CV

In many cases, a standard CV won’t work for contractors. It just wont cut it. What you need is to ensure your CV is a Contractors CV, that it is strong in brand, your skills and experience that supports your niche. Being a generalist won’t work for contractors. You need a niche, and your niche is your brand.

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