What is productivity and 7 reasons to become more productive

Time is final, there are 24 hours in a day and that’s all we got.

It is important for your work and for your life to get the most out of each day.

It sounds cliche – but the point is to learn how to manage time, so you can get more productive.

What does that mean? Productivity is basically achieving more for less time. Being more productive helps you finish more tasks, and still have some time left for other things in life.

As an independent contractor you manage your time yourself, which is one of the main reason to become independent. However, that makes it more challenging and more important to you to manage your time well and get more productive.

Being productive as an independent contractor means you will have to do as much of quality work during your set working hours as you can.

But why is that important?

You already have your working schedule, and your goals set. All you have to do is to sit and work and everything will go according the plan. But after the long day you realize that you didn’t achieve your goal, or your to-do list is not finished…

You were not productive; you lost time and probably money.

It’s easy to schedule time for work, only to get distracted by client emails or phone calls. Or, you may work diligently for a few hours only to realize after that what you were doing didn’t quite mesh with your overall goals, resulting in wasted time.

Here are three productivity tips to help make the most out of every hour of every day.

Why should you be more productive?

1. As mentioned, you’ll do more with less of your time. You will have more work done and still have some time left for family, sport, fun…

2.  You’ll achieve better results. With enough time and no pressure you will be more focused and you will perform better.

3.  You’ll earn more. If you can achieve more for less time you will be capable of earning more. You can get more tasks and still don’t be overwhelmed with work.

4.  You will have more time to relax. If you make really good system and schedule you will be off the pressure and you will have the opportunity to take some time to relax.

5.  You will control the time better. With no more wasting of your time, you will be able to get control. There will be time to work, time to relax, time to spend with your family and friends and time to do whatever your passions are.

6. You’ll have more free time. Imagine if you could finish all your tasks and goals during working hours. And repeat it daily. You will then have more free time and you can plan it and enjoy it every day. Make your life more fulfilled, with planning not just your work day after day, but your free time as well.

7.  You will have more time to improve. You could take a new course, learn new things and develop new skill. This will lead to new, better contract jobs, more money and more opportunities both for work and pleasure.