What you should and shouldn’t do during interview

When you prepare well for an interview you’ll be more relaxed and confident which will leave good impression on your interviewer.

However there are few dos and don’ts to help you go through and finish it with same or better impression.

What you should and shouldn’t do during the interview?

Arrive on time, smile and be polite to everyone.

Turn off your phone before you enter. Shake hands firmly and greet properly.

During interview keep asking yourself who they are looking for. Use the interview to discuss and ask question that will help you understand their needs. Then you will know what exactly you can offer and base your responses on that knowledge. Do not emphasize irrelevant information; instead focus on what they actually need.

Keep in mind that you are selling your skills and services so don’t let the interviewer do all the talking. Make this a conversation where you gather the information about the company’s need and you give them some information about how you can help.  Be a good listener, and never interrupt your interviewer, but do some talking yourself when the time comes.

Listen what the question is and try to give precise and short answer, do not talk too much specially about irrelevant things.

Ask questions yourself – about the company goals, about the contract job. But show them that you are prepared and you already know a lot.

Be interested and be interesting. Most people hire the ones they actually like, so show them the best side of your personality.

Bring all the documents you might need to prove your skills and accomplishments.

Be confident, but not arrogant.

Keep eye contact.

Sit straight.

Do not look at your watch or phone.

Try to find things you have in common, so if you notice diploma of the school you also went to, or see anything else you share interest in, you can mention it. But be short and do not insist on personal talk.

Show them that you understood the contract conditions and that you are determined to succeed.

Keep in mind that they are looking for candidate that is skilled, professional, motivated, likable, reliable…

So, be confident about yourself and show them you are the right person for the job.

At the end thank your interviewer and say you hope to see again or work together.

Follow up

Always follow up an interview. Show them that you are interested in signing contract. Remind them of yourself after the interview by following with a phone call or note. Mention specific moment from interview, and let them know you are not just sending sample note to everyone, but you appreciate them. Make it personal, and they will remember you even if you don’t get that contract. Follow the company’s vacancies in the future and take advantage of this interview.