Why it is important to secure an interview and how to do it.

If you are invited for an interview that means you’ve passed the first selection and you have good chances to get the job.

Second, this will probably be your only chance as an independent contractor to meet and talk to the client and convince them that you are the right person for them.

So, investing some time and effort in securing an interview will be rewarded.

How to do it?

Before even applying for a job, you should do some research. You will show the company that you are serious and ready to make some effort for them.

Performing research about companies will show you which ones are growing. You’ll have better chances to get a job in a growing company.

When you have list of those, go to their sites and learn all you can that will be helpful. That way you’ll make more targeted CV and cover letter, and you’ll learn what the company’s values are and what they are looking for. This will also be helpful at the interview.

Search for contacts in the company. Use your network, and find someone who can recommend you.

Contact them, and try to meet person responsible for hiring contractors. Arrange an informational meeting. That way you’ll ensure your CV doesn’t get lost in the pile of other CVs.

Follow up your application. Send an email or call to ask if they received your CV or application. Don’t wait too long, do it within one week after the application.

If you do this the chances to be invited to an interview will be higher. The next thing to do will be to invest some time in preparing for it and we will write about this soon. Remember, this will probably be your only chance to present yourself.